viviaBella Fake Private Hair Handmade Biniki Hair Temprature Fiber Body Hair Adding Hair Volume


  • Material: High-Quality Synthetic Heat-Resisting Fiber, Natural Looking.
  • Type: Full Handtied Fake Hair at the private part, Fake Mustaches, False Body Hair for Women, Men, Silicone Dolls
  • Advantages: Can Be Fake Mustache; Fake Body Hair; Ideal for women and men without hair, adding volume for the private part or making the doll more realistic.
  • Return Policy: Due to this product belongs health and personal care products, It Can't Be Returned, please kindly understand.

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Good product. Adhesive works great.

This is a realistic and good quality piece of hair. It looks like the real thing and stays attached well. Recommend trying it.

Looks real!

This fake private hair looks so real! The quality is good. It is similar to a wig for the head, Just meant for other areas.

Great for a good laugh!

Ok so hear me out. I know this will be good for those needing to feel a little oomf down there especially if you're naturally barren. But this down there hair peice is excellent for those looking to put together a naughty looking costume. The mesh that the hair is sewn on is a fine soft mesh and it comes with a ton of double sided tape as the adhesive. The hair itself looks and feels well made and sewn. Everything is sealed up well so you know it arrives clean and hygienic. A crotch wig, who would have thought!

This is so much fun!

Gives us plenty of alternatives for role playing in the master suite. Life is short. Make it fun.

"These are some fine fake pubes" now on the list of things I've said out loud that I never thought I'd say out loud.

I got this to use for a photo project, and it will work perfectly. It's a good size, the quality of the hair is great and the tying is really well done. After a bit of arranging the hairline at the top of the piece is blended out, the hair isn't quite as dense as it appears in the photos but there are times when a little goes a long way.

One word of advice if you're not familiar with applying such things; there are no instructions about the double-sided tape and there IS a HUGE difference in the strength of the adhesive between the two sides. The white backing side of the tape goes against your skin, the red printed side attaches to the hairpiece.

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