Tips to Avoid Hair Extension Damage

February 22, 2017

Tips to Avoid Hair Extension Damage


Human hair extensions required more care than our natural hair as it is not attached to our scalp, which will secrets oil to moisture the hair fibers. Here are some tips to have a longer lasting viviaBelle hair extensions:

1. Avoid long time strong sunlight exposure or apply hair moisture before going out. Direct sunlight will accelerate the hair moisture and nutrient loss, it would result a natural hair to be dry as well.

2. Avoid dry the hair extension with extreme heat. let the hair to be natural dry after them been half blow dry. Excessive heat or hair dye will damage the hair cuticle and lead to the exposure of the hair fiber; therefore, result the hair tangles.

3. Do not wash hair too frequently, it will speed up oil losing. Wash the hair extension once the other day if we wear them everyday. Also, don't forget to apply hair conditioner after washing! As we mentioned, the hair extension lost the "protection mechanism " via scalp.

Hope these tips would help you to have long lasting shiny and silky human hair extensions!

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